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About The Vision Clinic

The Seamark Vision Clinic’s services have been helping Cotting children see at their optimal capacity since 1975. Now directed by Dr. Alexis Malkin of New England College of Optometry (NECO), the clinic is open every Thursday to provide comprehensive eye exams, vision therapy for eye coordination and focusing problems, and eyewear at market cost.

Families of enrolled Cotting students are welcome to call extension 115 to schedule an appointment for a student or a non-student family member. Professional fees are covered by Cotting School; glasses and/or contact lenses are available to purchase at cost of materials.

Open to the Community

The Seamark Vision Clinic at Cotting Schools seeks to expand its reach by inviting students with an IEP who live in surrounding communities to come for a fully funded vision assessment and a voucher for eyewear.

Vision clinic founder Frank Scalli would be very pleased with this new development, as we reach beyond our campus to serve students out of district. This service to the community is made possible through the generous support of the Massachusetts Medical Society and the Lexington, MA Lions Club. Special thanks to our partners, New England Eye Institute and New England College of Optometry.

To make an appointment, please contact 781-862-7323 ext. 136.