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About The Medical Department

Founded by two surgeons from Children’s Hospital, Cotting School has always placed a high priority on the highest quality of medical care.

Registered Nurses and Nursing Assistants
On a typical day, the nursing team provides services to an average of 80 students: distributing medications, assisting students with personal care and self-catheterization, providing tube feedings, charting observations, consulting with parents and teachers, answering student questions, and dispensing advice, concern, and praise. In the case of an emergency, the team provides a calm, efficient response and speedy referral to a hospital setting.

Pediatric Physician
The School is affiliated with Children’s Hospital and enjoys the regular visits of Dr. Elizabeth Harstad, a staff pediatrician who provides individual care to the students and consultation to the Medical Team, teachers, clinicians, and parents. Our current Fellow, Dr. DeWayne Lazenby, visits campus weekly.