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About The Medical Department

Founded by two surgeons from Children’s Hospital, Cotting School has always placed a high priority on the highest quality of medical care.

Registered Nurses and Nursing Assistants
On a typical day, the nursing team provides services to an average of 80 students: distributing medications, assisting students with personal care and self-catheterization, providing tube feedings, charting observations, consulting with parents and teachers, answering student questions, and dispensing advice, concern, and praise. In the case of an emergency, the team provides a calm, efficient response and speedy referral to a hospital setting.

Pediatric Physician
The School is affiliated with Children’s Hospital and enjoys the regular visits of Dr. Elizabeth Harstad, a staff pediatrician who provides individual care to the students and consultation to the Medical Team, teachers, clinicians, and parents. Our current Fellow, Dr. DeWayne Lazenby, visits campus weekly.

Medical Forms for Current Cotting Students
Medical forms are required for current Cotting School students and can be downloaded here. Any form can be printed, mailed, emailed, faxed or sent in to school with your student. Questions should be directed to:
Michele Passanisi, R.N., Director of Nursing at Cotting School
Phone: 781-862-7323 x 133
Medical Fax: 781-861-8080