Annual Report 2010

From the moment Cotting students awakento the moment they fall asleep, daily life requires planning, determination, hard work, and a really good sense of humor. Willingly, our students travel long distances and work diligently to get the education they need to become independent – and look forward to it every single day. Many even stay late for after-school classes and activities with their friends, and entire families think nothing of making the trip to Cotting for games and other events. Cotting students meet each long day with anticipation and enthusiasm, even though the activities that get them through the day – getting out of bed, brushing their teeth, doing math problems, writing a paragraph, eating lunch in the school cafeteria, playing soccer after school, and taking the bus home – can be complicated and time-consuming.

Join us for a glimpse into the daily lives of our students and the moments before, during, and after the school day. We hope you will be inspired by their stories.

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