Meet the Team

Everyone who works at Cotting School strives to create an inclusive community which fosters academic achievement, skill development and social-emotional maturity. We meet the unique needs of students with a broad spectrum of learning and communication disabilities, physical challenges and complex medical conditions by providing an array of integrated services. We value partnerships among students and families, staff, public funding agencies, donors, and volunteers. We provide outreach services, nationally and internationally, to expand our commitment and expertise in the field of special education. We design our day and residential training programs to enable students to realize their highest potential both during and after their enrollment.

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Adrienne Manson, M.Ed.

Alada Caughey

Alexa MacInnis

no portrait available

Alexis Malkin

Alison McCarron

Alpona Saha

Althea Ioakimidis

Amanda Arnst

Amanda Balagur, M.L.A.

Amy Houghton

Amy Houghton

Amy Vraibel

Andie Mitchell

Andrea Szekely-Hill, CPA

Andy Lindblad

Ann Dubé

no portrait available

Ann Hodson

Annie McGrath

Ashley Ndebele

Audra Hamilton

August Sobolewski

Barbara DeLuca

Barbara DeLuca

Klappenbach, Becky

Becky Klappenbach

Beth Singer

Bill Ironfield

Bill Ironfield

Brandon Hunt

Bridget Irish, M.B.A., S.P.H.R.

Caitlin Gibbons

Caitrin Plante

Carly Churchill

Carmine Nardone

no portrait available

Casi Martell

Catherine Mayo

Charlotte Maskin

Donellan Cheryl

Cheryl Donellan

Chrislene Athis

Christina Flaherty

Chuck Sirois

Chuck Sirois

Connie Sousa

Courtney Costantino

Courtney Martinello

Cynthia Furbish

Dan Cuddy

Daniel Charns

Daniel Donnelly

Dave Largenton

David Mitchell

David Peduto, B.S., LEED Certified

Denise Paul

Edward Reed

Eileen Roper

Elise MacDonald

Elizabeth Connor

Elizabeth Fay Russell, M.A., C.A.G.S.

no portrait available

Elizabeth Harstad, MD, MPH

Elizabeth Morrison

Ellie Coffin

Erika Cain

Erin Cadwallader

Gina Teixeira

Greta Mangini

Greta Mangini

Haley Parker

Hannah Marini

Holly McGovern

Holly McGovern

Jacquelyn Hannah

Jeanine Bergeron

Jeanine Bergeron

Jeanine Meredith, M.Ed

Jen Pomroy

Jennifer Hodgdon

Jessica Garceau

Jessica Marcassoli

Jillian Landry

Joe Gibbons

Johanna Lewis

Fallon, John

John Fallon

Judith Langlais

Judith Pollins

no portrait available

Julia Berg

Julie Eaton

Julie Eaton

Justin Souza

no portrait available

Kara Peters

Karen Waddill, M.Ed., M.A., CCC-SLP, ATP

Kasey Walz

Katie Norregaard

Katharine Norregaard

Katherine Simmons

Kathy Kelly

Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Shipos

Kathleen Tyrer

Katie VanSteenbergen

Kellan Carrig

no portrait available

Kelly Peledge

Kelly Rozowsky

Kelsey Nagle

Kevin Mahoney

Keysha Powell

Kim Choi

Kim Choi

no portrait available

Kristen Schreck

Laine Tulipano

Leah Thibodeau, M.Ed., C.A.G.S.

Leia Herlihy

Leila Denna

Lindsay Rainwater

Lindy Myers

Liz Medeiros

Lola Piscopo

Lou Medina

Lynn Coleman, M.A., M.B.A., PhD

Lynn Condon, BCBA

St. Julie, Madison

Madison St. Julien

Marcie Garon

Marcie Garon

no portrait available

Margaret McGowan

Maria Bizarria

Maria Ramsay

Marisa Etre

Mary Beth Rogers

Mary Cannistraro

Mary Curtin

Megan Brown

Megan Paull

Megan Paull

Megan Scully

Melissa Mulvey

Meriwether Burruss

Michael Dunne

Michael Teuber

no portrait available

Michaela Casey

Michela Bodinaku

Michela Bodinaku

Mike Drew

Nicole Chaput

Nicole Popp

Nora Frank

Raimo, Omni

Omni Raimo

no portrait available

Orissa Lawrence

Paige Bogucki

Pamela Varrin, Ph.D.

Patricia Salmonson, B.S., A.T.P.

no portrait available

Patrick Welch

Pauline November

Rachael Sciola

Rachael Brown

Rachel Vorkink

Robert Beaupre

Robbie Giroux

Robert Giroux

Robert Mitropoulos

Robert Piscitelli

Ron Nix

Rosanne Trolan

Ruth Berg

Sarah Hassett

Shannon Kerr

Shea McDonough

Stan Rogers

Stanley Rogers

Stephanie Soule

Susan Atkins

Susan Cunningham

Susan Cunningham

Suzanne Schiavone

Tim Richmond

Tina Birkhoff

Tina Sousa

no portrait available

Valerie Grams

Vanessa Medeiros

Wendy Thomas

Bill Phelan

William Phelan

Zach Lynch

Zoe Thibodeau

Zoe Thibodeau