Welcome to Cotting’s Virtual Transition Fair for 2022! We are excited to share a wealth of information with you, including some great conversations caught on video. Our focus this year is on the various types of transitions that happen at—and beyond—Cotting School. You’ll hear from experts you know, including key members of Cotting’s staff and several alumni family members. You’ll also find numerous resources from specific adult programs, state agencies and other types of supports.

If you have transition-related questions that aren’t addressed in the recorded discussions or resources on this page, we invite you to submit them to our Director of Post-Secondary Pathways, Sejal Costa, at scosta@cotting.org so that we may publish the answers in the Q&A section on the page below. 

We hope you enjoy this year’s virtual transition fair!

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Cotting School’s Transition Team  

Transition Fair

How Cotting Supports Families Through Transition

Hear from Cotting’s Director of Post-Secondary Pathways, Sejal Costa, Capstone teacher Lola Piscopo and alumni parent Maureen Piotrowski about the ways Cotting supports families through the milestones of the transition process in this discussion moderated by Director of Cotting Consulting Tim Richmond. You’ll find out how Maureen and her son navigated this process with the support of Cotting and, after graduation, on their own, including the direct impact the pandemic has had on their experience.

For captions/subtitles, please watch this video directly on YouTube.

The Big Ts and Little ts of Transition at Cotting

Learn about all the different types of transitions at Cotting, including the types of transitions that exist within our programs, transition milestones and when certain activities happen. Our Clinical Director, Lynn Coleman, moderates this discussion with fellow executive team members Leah Thibodeau, Education Director, and Karen Waddill, Program Director.

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Our Transition Journey: Same Goal, Different Paths

The families of two Cotting alumni share what it has been like going through the transition process. You’ll hear their stories about things they were (and weren’t!) prepared for, what has changed from when they first started their transition journey, what challenges they have faced and their advice for other parents. Our Director of Marketing & Communications, Amanda Balagur, leads the discussion with Cotting alumni parents Kathy Corkins and Amie and Tim Connelly. 

For captions/subtitles, please watch this video directly on YouTube.

Questions & Answers

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