Social and Fun Resources

If you are looking for some social and fun ways to connect online, the team at Cotting School has some ideas for you!

Activity Ideas
At Cotting we’ve been gathering links to some of the best online activities we’ve seen available. From art, to animal watching, movies, gym sessions with Mr. Cuddy, and more! Take a look at the full list of links, here, on our blog.

Cotting’s Virtual Open Mic
That is right! While we have not seen each other as much in-person, Mr. Ironfield thought it would be fun to invite the Cotting community to submit an open mic performances by video recording from home. You can view clips from these sessions on our social media pages! Questions, contact Mr. Ironfield.

Social Media
Check out Cotting School on social media! We’ve got lots of great content on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Take a scroll through and be sure to like, comment, or share things you like. We love to hear from you!

Virtual Meet Ups
Connect with a classmate, your family, or a friend using an online tool like Google Meet, Google Hangout, or Zoom.  Having trouble? Visit our technology help page for support.