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About Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology Center classroom provides students with weekly instruction in computer literacy while enhancing classroom learning through computer-based activities. All lessons are presented on a SMART board interactive whiteboard, giving students the opportunity to learn in a group setting before working individually at the computer.  Occupational and communication therapists along with program assistants assist students during this time.

Technology goals are aligned with The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), the MA Technology Literacy Standards and each student’s Individual Education Plan.  Lessons are designed to provide instruction and practice in using software programs that assist students in writing, presenting information, creating and entering data into spreadsheets and graphs, and in using computer-generated graphic design programs.

The students publish a newsletter and produce posters to announce school events. Project-based activities are tailored to meet the individual needs of each learner with an emphasis on independence.   Internet safety is emphasized and incorporated into all aspects of students’ WebQuests and Internet research projects.

The Technology Center is an environment that incorporates the elements of universal design for learning.  A full range of adaptive and assistive equipment is employed including video magnifiers, joysticks, specialized keyboards, switches, and proper seating to maximize accessibility for each student.