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About Fine Arts

The fine arts program is designed to nurture students’ creativity, to promote self-expression, and to foster the development of art appreciation and aesthetic growth. Students are encouraged to discover their creative style by expressing their own ideas or interpretations of specific concepts through a variety of media, through the development of technical skills, and through the exposure to a variety of artists and related subject matter. With this philosophy in mind, the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks standards are adapted and modified to best fit classroom needs at all levels.

Given the diversity of learning styles and the physical limitations of our students, flexibility in meeting the individual needs of each student is essential. This is accomplished by presenting the curriculum at various entry points that are appropriate for each student’s learning. Lessons are planned that pertain directly to students by using subject matter or themes that are part of their everyday experiences, including interdisciplinary projects, current events, multicultural material, popular culture and personal themes.

These lessons are enriched with simple concrete language, visual references, teacher demonstrations, and examples of artists’ prints, other students’ art, and repetition in a way that is meaningful to the students. Adaptive teaching methods, adaptive materials, low- and high-tech adaptive equipment, the support of the communication and occupational therapies and other methodologies of teaching are also implemented on a continuum throughout the academic year.