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Sports-related activities keep students engaged and busy. After school, a range of enrichment activities enable Cotting students to try something new with friends and students who may be new to them. Soccer, golf, and basketball are some of the choices offered, and virtually all students participate in at least one season per year. The basketball program includes nearly every middle and upper school student for seven games, culminating in a day-long tournament.

Since Cotting moved to its Lexington location in 1988, it has held a ski trip for upper school students. Dan Cuddy has organized fourteen of those trips, which enlist the services of the New England Handicapped Sports Association at Mt. Sunapee. Eight Cotting staff travel to ensure that all 21 students are safe and well cared for; NEHSA volunteers assist as well, skiing with each student at whatever level is appropriate and challenging. Students ski for three days and spend three nights in a hotel. The trip culminates with an awards night full of laughter.

Cotting School’s physical education teacher, Dan Cuddy, started the spring term Track and Field program as preparation for the Special Olympics each June. That event draws 2,000 students from the entire Commonwealth. Cotting students spend a Friday evening in a college dorm and then compete on Saturday. Yearlong, Cotting’s Circle of Friends program takes a different age level of students off site each Friday afternoon and evening for an activity appropriate for the season, such as bowling, mini-golf, going to the mall or the movies.