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At HOPEhouse each young adult benefits from the opportunity to progress through experience while living in a group, working together and learning independent living skills with peers in a home-like supportive environment.  The shared expertise of our Special Education Teacher, Transition Specialist, Professional Staff, HOPEhouse Consultants and Families help enable young adults to achieve their highest learning potential and level of independence while maintaining and developing ties within their home communities in preparation for a successful transition to life beyond high school. HOPEhouse is fully approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Childcare (EEC).

“The HOPEhouse staff is teaching our son, Joe, those transition skills he will need to be more independent as he gets older, such as work experience, cooking, laundry, and how to budget and manage his money. It gives us peace of mind as his parents to know he is in a safe environment as he learns these new skills.”

- HOPEhouse Parents