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About Targeted Literacy & Math Support

Language, literacy, and math skills are the stepping stones of every student’s educational journey. While not every student will follow the same path, it is our job to help them navigate their own route to becoming the best students they can be.

While we address all areas of math and literacy in classrooms throughout the day, we have designed a system of additional smaller, targeted intervention groups to support our students’ individual needs. By assigning students to the appropriate intervention, focusing on individual priorities, we will see even greater progress in the area of literacy and math skill development.

Using data from expressive and receptive language tests, reading assessments, math assessments and classroom performance, we have grouped students who have the same areas of need in their literacy and math skill development, and matched them to the most appropriate targeted intervention program. Our goal is to dedicate focused instructional time to individual priorities, in the hope of promoting greater progress in each student’s greatest area of need.