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About Targeted Literacy Support

Language and literacy are the stepping stones of every student’s educational journey. We hope, as educators, parents, and caregivers, that every child will learn to read and read to learn. While not every student will follow the same path, it is our job to help them navigate their own route to becoming the best readers they can be.

Cotting School has designed an advanced, tiered system of support for literacy instruction. Language and literacy skills are taught throughout all levels of the program. Our balanced approach to literacy ensures that students of all ages are reading, writing, listening and working with words throughout their day. Additionally, a daily intervention block and individual remedial services are available to support literacy development, as appropriate.

A majority of students participate in the daily intervention block as part of their regular programming at Cotting. Teachers and therapists use a combination of literacy assessment data, classroom performance levels and expressive and receptive language scores to determine each student’s area of need in literacy. Students are then assigned to a specific intervention program, focusing on individual priorities for either comprehension strategies or word identification skills.

When students have needs that are not met by the combination of our balanced literacy approach and targeted daily intervention programs, additional, individual services from our Remedial Department can be provided through the IEP.