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Program Overview

Project Bridges

Project Bridges is Cotting School’s community work experience program. Project Bridges is an integral part of Cotting’s Upper School educational program teaming Cotting students and staff with local employers to build and sustain productive connections between school and community. The Project Bridges program continually welcomes new partnership opportunities to support the transitional goals of our students. Students work one morning or afternoon per week during the school day and are supervised by a job coach at all times.

Empowering Students

Project Bridges forges partnerships between Cotting School and local businesses and organizations through volunteer opportunities. The goal is to empower young people with disabilities to view themselves as a vital part of the greater community outside home and school. Students contribute to the productivity and morale of worksites while advocating for their individual needs and applying their skills in a professional setting.

Supporting Employers

Benefits to the Workplace Project Bridges benefits the workplace by:

  • Consistently and reliably meeting production needs and expectations of employers
  • Forging lasting connections between students and co-workers
  • Educating businesses about about accommodations for workers with disabilities

For more information about Project Bridges, contact:

Michael Teuber, M.Ed, CAGS

Director of Transition Services

781.862.7323 ext. 155

Project Bridges was started in 1990. Since then, over fifty local businesses and organizations have provided opportunities for Cotting students to explore various fields of work. Students have worked in hospitality, retail, food services, facilities, animal care, maintenance, clerical, child care, social outreach, horticulture and a variety of other settings.

Current Employers and Partners

  • Amplifi, Andover (2016)
  • Buddy Dog Humane Society (2005)
  • Cambridge Public Library, O’Neill Branch (2003)
  • Coolidge Middle School, Reading (2010)
  • deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln (2005)
  • Discovery Museum, Acton (2014)
  • Donelan’s Supermarkets, Lincoln (2015)
  • Drumlin Farm, Lincoln (2011)
  • Drumlin Farm Preschool, Lincoln (2013)
  • Eastern Mountain Sports, Acton (2006)
  • Empowering People for Inclusive Communities, Malden (2013)
  • Epicurean Feast Catering Co., Maynard (2007)
  • HomeGoods, Bedford (2001)
  • Inn at Hastings Park (2016)
  • Lahey Lexington (2001)
  • Lincoln Public Library (2012)
  • Magic Garden Children’s Center, Lincoln (2004)
  • Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge, Winchester (1995)
  • NESCA, Newton (2011)
  • Northeast Animal Shelter, Salem (2015)
  • Phinney’s Friends, Lincoln (2014)
  • Physical Therapy Associates of Concord (2016)
  • Radio Perkins (2014)
  • Sancta Maria Nursing Facility, Cambridge (2008)
  • Shire Pharmaceuticals (2014)
  • TJ Maxx, Bedford (1994)
  • True Value by Ideal, Waltham (2016)
  • United Church of Christ, Burlington (2016)
  • Veteran’s Association Hospital, Bedford (2007)
  • Waltham Crossings Nursing Home, Waltham (2008)
  • Waltham Children’s Hospital (2013)
  • Waltham Police Department (2006)
  • Waltham YMCA (2011)
  • Whole Foods, Bedford (2016)
  • Xerox Corporation, Waltham (1999)