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The Capstone program at Cotting School is designed to meet the needs of students, ages 18-22. The flexibility of this culminating program is designed to suit students as they progress closer to graduation and prepare to transition to life beyond Cotting. Students benefit from individual and small group instruction, which enables students to demonstrate what they do best and how they learn. Capstone students are offered a greater diversity of vocational and transitional opportunities plus access to other programming opportunities that are better aligned with their goals and interests. In addition to Cotting’s traditional Upper School programming, the Capstone program may include:
  • Community work experience twice a week through Cotting’s work internship program, Project Bridges
  • Job development in student’s home community
  • Scheduled Science class once per week
  • Supported college experiences
  • Vocational electives
  • Full year of Transition Elective
  • Half year of World of Work class work
Cotting’s Capstone Program is fully approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

“I was introduced to Cotting when my oldest daughter started attending the school over a decade ago. From the time I walked in until today I’m amazed at the passion every person associated with the school has for making a difference in the lives of children and young adults, helping them achieve their potential. Every aspect of growth is considered from educational development to physical achievement to social maturity and expansion.”

- Cotting Parent