The Family Support Program at Cotting School is designed to provide the range of resources needed by Cotting families to
support the academic, social, emotional, and functional growth of our students. This program is carried out by the Family Support Coordinator, Pam Varrin, Ph.D.

The link between strong families and strong students is well known.  To maintain family strength and to support their children effectively, families must develop competence in a variety of areas as they negotiate the unique challenges of maintaining family life and raising children with a variety of complicated needs.

 Family Support Coordinator Pam VarrinSupport activities at Cotting are organized to assist families in developing competence in the following areas:

  1. Developing a supportive, reliable community of peers
  2. Managing emotions
  3. Accessing and understanding information
  4. Working effectively as part of a team and including the organization of parent support groups, parent education groups, a Parent Advisory Committee, and the Cotting Family Community Parent-Teacher Organization.

Contact Family Support Coordinator, Pam Varrin at or (781) 862-7323 ext. 130.

A collection of books for parents about disabilities and the parent experience is maintained and shared by the Family Support Coordinator.

Cotting’s bullying prevention plan is here.

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