Letter from Director of HOPE house

Thank you for expressing interest in HOPE House at Cotting School. HOPE House is a transition program for young adults who are beginning to prepare for life after high school. The program offers an environment where young adults can thrive toward being as independent as possible while learning with others and having an opportunity to progress through experience.   It is our goal that young adults will transfer these skills to their family home or to an independent living setting when they are ready to leave the program.

I have been at Cotting School for over sixteen years and am very proud of the success I have seen of many young adults who have experienced this program. I hope you enjoy viewing our web page and I look forward to meeting you to share more details.

Please feel free to give me a call at 781-862-7323 X170 or email me at zthibodeau@cotting.org.


Thank you!

Zoe C. Thibodeau

HOPE House Program Director