"Globe Santa"

One of Globe Santa’s greatest joys each year is seeing firsthand how children come through to help their less fortunate peers at Christmas. Although many of the students who donated to Globe Santa are too young to earn a paycheck or fully understand the hardships facing some of their own classmates, they offered Globe Santa some of his most generous and heart-filled contributions. Each season, students from across Massachusetts raise money for Globe Santa’s Fund. With the help of their contributions last year, Globe Santa was able to deliver Christmas presents to 57,079 children from 171 cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts.

Among those helping Globe Santa in last year’s fund-raising efforts were some 30 students at the Cotting School in Lexington, an institution for children with learning and communication disabilities. The students at the school made their own holiday wrapping paper using tools such as rubber stamps to craft 10-foot long rolls of the gift paper, which they then sold. The students raised $600 and then split the earnings between Globe Santa and an orphanage for disabled children in Haiti. “I’d paraphrase the Globe Santa stories and explain it to them so the kids get a little more of an understanding of what Globe Santa does,” said Cathy Mayo, a teacher at the school who started the gift wrapping in her class 10 years ago. “We try and help the kids focus less on the commercialism of the holidays.”

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