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Your Support at Cotting School, Reimagined

For 129 years, Cotting School has been dedicated to innovation and excellence in the field of special education.  Our sustained success as a school is due in large part to the generosity and dedication of friends, family members, and alumni.  Simply put, we would not be the school we are today without the commitment of our donors each year to the annual fund.

Tuition does not cover the full cost of a Cotting education. COVID-19 put additional pressure on our budget with additional PPE, staffing, and cleaning costs.  We are grateful for the generosity and commitment of our loyal donor base throughout the pandemic, and hope you’ll continue to support our students now that students are back on campus full-time.

We still believe that there is nothing like a visit to Cotting to see our facility and meet our students.  We look forward to welcoming visitors to say thank you in person for your dedication to our mission.

Make a Monthly Impact

One of the most impactful ways to support Cotting School is by joining our sustainer program. Laura  shares why she decided to become a sustaining donor and make regular donations that ensure the school has steady and reliable funding throughout the year:

“I am a proud supporter of Cotting School after having the privilege of working there early in my career. There’s a saying around the school that there is “never a bad day at Cotting,” and I witnessed that firsthand. The dedication and passion of teachers and staff is unparalleled. I watched students arrive and find themselves with community, able to make friends and participate in activities, some for the first time in their lives. You cannot have a bad day when you see Cotting students smiling in the hallway. I am happy to be a monthly donor and support the broad spectrum of students that benefit from Cotting’s services and community.”

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Did you know?

The IRA Rollover Law has been extended, meaning you can make a gift to Cotting School from your IRA without paying income taxes. The contribution would not be considered a charitable gift.  You must be at least 70 ½ years old and decline goods and services.  The rollover may not exceed $100,000.

To make a gift, contact your IRA administrator requesting a charitable distribution to Cotting School, and be sure to have Cotting’s Tax ID ready: 04-2104328. Please email Molly Gentilucci with further questions!

How Your Donation Helps


Supports the expanded vocational and elective offerings in our Capstone Program, a culminating experience for students ages 18-22.


Help provide job coaching for a student to gain a half day's work experience in a local business


Purchases supplies for biannual student-run craft fairs


Helps supply entrance fees for a community trip; e.g., a class in art or at a science museum


Buys jerseys for a Challenger Baseball team for Saturday baseball


Buys 1 adaptive soccer ball for Phys Ed class