Falcon Forms

Parents/guardians are required to complete the following forms at the beginning of each academic year or upon enrollment of a new student. If you do not have access to a printer and need us to send you a hard copy of these forms to fill out, please email Rachael Brown, Student Services, at rbrown@cotting.org.

Emergency Dismissal Form 2022-2023

Student/Parent Handbook Acknowledgment 2022-2023

Standing Orders Form 2022-2023

Medical Services Consent Form 2022-2023

Dental Consent Form 2022-2023

Publicity & Fundraising Consent Form 2022-2023

Vision Consent Form 2022-2023


If applicable for your child, please also complete the following forms.

Medication Order Form 2022-2023

Allergy Action Plan (replaces order for epinephrine)

G-Tube Form 2022-2023


In addition, after your child’s yearly physical, please submit their updated information, including diagnosis, prescribed medications and immunizations. Your pediatrician may use their own form or they may use the forms linked below.

Immunization Form 2022-2023

Health Record Form 2022-2023