Jeanine Meredith, M.Ed.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Senior Administration

Jeanine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary and Special Education, Magna Cum Laude, from Providence College and a Master of Education in Special Education with a Concentration in Literacy from Lesley University.

"I started working at Cotting School as a classroom teacher in 2009 and wholeheartedly believe that the collaboration between staff, students, and families is unparalleled. It is truly a pleasure to be part of such a warm and caring community, where students of varying abilities are welcomed with open arms and celebrated for who they are. Every student has something special to offer. Despite the obstacles and challenges they face, students work hard and preserve and it is impossible not to be inspired.

There are so many special and rewarding moments each day, ranging from seeing a student master a skill independently after weeks of practice or being greeted with ear-to-ear smiles after the weekend to strategizing plans in team meetings that allow students to reach new heights. I take my classroom experiences with me as I transition into my role as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, which will allow me to creatively adapt, maintain and explore the development of new curricula. As a Teacher Supervisor, I am eager and dedicated to fostering a supportive, caring and collaborative environment that shines a light on the potential of each student by encouraging staff, students and families alike to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and needs."
What brought you to Cotting School?
I learned of Cotting at a job fair when I was in college. When I came to interview for a teacher position I was so impressed with the warm, welcoming community.
What is your favorite pastime?
Reading, listening to audiobooks and spending time with my daughter.
Favorite Cotting thing or something that happens at Cotting?
Graduation! I love when the students march in in their caps and gowns.
What is the most interesting place you have ever visited?
England and Ireland.
What is your favorite Cotting memory?
My first year at Cotting and being warmly welcomed.
What is your proudest non-Cotting achievement?
Raising my daughter, Natalie and becoming part of the Cotting Senior Administration Team.