Elizabeth Fay Russell, M.A., CAGS

Director of Admissions, Senior Administration

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, cum laude, from Wheaton College, a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Boston College and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

"When I started working at Cotting in 1995, I really had no idea that my career had taken me to such an amazing place where I could feel a deep sense of community and support amongst my colleagues, my students and their families. Cotting School is a special place; you can feel this the moment you first walk in the doors. At Cotting, I am surrounded by remarkable students who inspire me in the ways they overcome obstacles, gain confidence, develop genuine friendships and grow and mature in extraordinary ways. At Cotting I am surrounded by amazing staff and colleagues who are highly skilled and professional and who care greatly for each other as well as for their students.

In my tenure at Cotting I have worn a number of different hats. First I worked as the Director of Guidance and had the wonderful opportunity to work directly with our older students in a counseling and transition planning capacity. Later, I took on the Director of Admissions role and in this role I have had the opportunity to meet many prospective families and teachers and administrators from public school districts. I am the person who gets the privilege of welcoming new students and families to our special community. I give many tours and feel like I see Cotting from fresh eyes every day. I see folks who are visiting for the first time who already feel that sense of community spirit and caring right from the get go. I see the amazement in their eyes as they see all the cutting edge technology that our students and teachers use and view our impressive facility.

Cotting is truly a unique and special place and I welcome visitors to take a first hand look at all the amazing things that happen under our roof on any given day! I feel fortunate to have landed at Cotting and appreciate the many aspects of this community that have given me a sense of fulfillment both personally and professionally."
What brought you to Cotting School?
Right position at the right time, great community.
What is your favorite pastime?
Favorite Cotting thing or something that happens at Cotting?
Basketball games.
What is the most interesting place you have ever visited?
Las Vegas.
What is your favorite Cotting memory?
Each and every Cotting school graduation is amazing and memorable.
What is your proudest non-Cotting achievement?
Running (and finishing) the Boston Marathon.