David Peduto, B.S., LEED Certified

Director of Facilities, Facilities & Maintenance, Senior Administration

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Southern New Hampshire University. He is LEED Certified and has a certificate in HVAC from Northeastern University.

"Cotting is a very special place that does an amazing job with every student that attends the school. I am always astounded at how caring, patient and friendly the staff is, and how this extends to all students. The facilities are designed to ensure every student can be included, no matter what the activity, which enhances the student experience at the school. It is a sincere pleasure to be here every day and watch the students blossom into mature, caring young adults."
What brought you to Cotting School?
I was looking to work close to home with much less travel and be in an environment that supports kids.
What is your favorite pastime?
Fixing things!
Favorite Cotting thing or something that happens at Cotting?
What is the most interesting place you have ever visited?
What is your favorite Cotting memory?
Being put in the yearbook as one of the favorite activities a student had to work with me.
What is your proudest non-Cotting achievement?
Running a Youth Hockey Program for 20 years.