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Cotting Alumni “Roadrunner” Basketball Takes Off

When Ashley Collins graduated from Cotting in 2010, she asked her father how she could continue playing basketball now that her days in a Cotting Falcons uniform were over. “My daughter initiated the Alumni basketball program,” says Rich. “What started as 12 Cotting alumni scrimmaging against each other is now a competitive team with its own identity.” That team is called the Roadrunners, which now, in its 6th season, consists of 28 players, all Cotting alumni. The team practices on weekends throughout the winter and plays a 10-game schedule against local teams, including LABBB, the Threshold Program at Lesley University, and even the Cotting Varsity team! The team designed their own roadrunner logo, which is displayed proudly on the red team uniforms, tee shirts, and jackets.

The goal, says Collins, is to have fun and learn to be a team. “This isn’t about winning, but we do win a lot!” For so many former Falcons, the basketball program was a staple of their Cotting experience. Today, with interest continuing to grow among recent Cotting alumni, Collins is seeing even more demand from players. “To keep playing we’ll need two teams going forward. That means more support, particularly more staff and coaches who would be willing to take on the task of growing the program.” Collins hopes to offer Roadrunner basketball to as many alumni as possible, as long as he can find additional staff. If you or someone you know might be interested in helping to grow the Roadrunner program, please email Rich Collins at

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