Cotting Connection Winter 2016

Cotting School Impacts the Greater Community

The Cotting community stretches well beyond the walls of 453 Concord Avenue. So much of our mission – to enable students to achieve the highest learning potential and level of independence – is accomplished when students go outside their comfort zones and beyond the familiar. Community trips to grocery stores teach shopping and budget skills; Project Bridges job sites provide opportunities to develop good work ethic and time management skills; dual enrollment at local community colleges give our older students the chance to specialize in subject areas they love, and to learn in a different environment.

It isn’t just our students, however, that reach the greater community. Cotting Consulting continues to provide innovative technology solutions for its clients and school districts. Our third annual conference, “All Things Tech” brought over 200 attendees to our campus in November. The ReelAbilities film festival will visit our campus this spring.

As much as Cotting gives to the community, we are continually grateful for what the community gives back. Most recently, three of our students received unique voices created by the people at VocaliD. We are sharing our gifts and talents in so many ways! Read further to learn more.

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