Cotting Connection Spring 2015

What is one word our students use to describe Cotting School? We set out to find the answer and began the search by chatting with a cross section of our students. What you are about to read is a wonderful collection of stories told in their own words. We’ve included a Cotting Dictionary on the back page, which defines Cotting-specific terms used by the students in this issue.

Each of our students comes to Cotting with a variety of strengths, challenges, maturity levels, and wisdom. Their individual stories are as unique as they are. What is common among each of them, however, is their genuine happiness about being a student here. They know they are safe and welcome. They’re encouraged to learn, grow and build relationships every day.

The entire Cotting community is continously grateful for the many ways you support Cotting, because your generosity is key to our students’ happiness and success. Whether you give financially, volunteer at school activities, or attend our fundraising events, you give our faculty and staff the resources they need to continue educating our unique and individual learners, wherever they may be on their journey to independence.

Now, meet Maeve, Nico, Justin, Melissa, Austin, and Megan…

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