Cotting Connection Fall 2015

Cotting School Acquires Land

This summer, the Board of Trustees at Cotting School authorized the purchase of 3.7 acres of land contiguous to the School’s 14-acre campus in Lexington. The land, including a house, barn and tennis court, was purchased as part of Cotting’s long-term commitment to serving students with special needs.

“The opportunity to purchase land adjacent to our school was such a great opportunity for us,” said David Manzo, President. “Although our Board of Trustees has no immediate plans for the property, we look forward to a constructive discussion about how best to use this land to serve children with special needs.”

Board of Trustees Chair David Cushing added, “The acquisition may lead to an expansion of the mission in a way we cannot even foresee today. It’s like planting a seed for the future.” He mentioned that at present no action is being taken on the property.

Manzo continued, “Our challenge will be to develop a revised campus master plan that anticipates how this new resource, as well as our current facilities, might deepen and strengthen Cotting School’s programs for years to come. In both affirming what has always been true about Cotting School, and considering how we might realize our mission more effectively, key constituencies will investigate, contemplate, and plan for a dynamic environment that offers children with special needs the best educational experience well into the future.”

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