Annual Report 2018

125 years of collaboration and innovation sets a firm foundation for Cotting School’s future! Our highly specialized school provides an unmatched educational experience for students with special needs between the ages of 3 and 22. Of course, each aspect of our school – academic, therapeutic, medical, athletic, extracurricular – is specifically tailored to help our students reach their highest learning potential and greatest independence. But there is much more. What makes Cotting … Cotting, is the profound sense of belonging that each student feels. Our students have friends. They are leaders. Our staff see their strengths and build upon them. We cheer their successes.

Given all the options in special education, what makes Cotting School the best choice for a child? For every person considering that question, the answer is different. The pages that follow illustrate Cotting School STORIES told from the perspectives of teachers, students, parents, and staff, illustrating the strengths of our program and insights that only the people from Cotting School can provide.

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