Annual Report 2017

Many threads of experience and expertise are woven together to create the fabric of our school community, providing students with seamless support to reach their goals. Evidence of this interweaving comes alive in the pages that follow.

Fundamental to our roots as an historic special education school is our conviction in the abilities of our students. We specialize in breaking down barriers to education by providing a highly individualized special education curriculum, as well as coordinated and integrated therapies and medical services to support our students as they achieve their goals.

Cotting is a place of many paths where students pursue academic, vocational, and life-skill interests supported by dedicated professionals working together to make each student’s program successful. Our students are known for their ability to seek opportunities, communicate, master curriculum, advocate, and explore a variety of classroom, community, and extra-curricular settings.

We celebrate each student’s ability to triumph over obstacles and welcome you to visit us in person or on our website to see proof of our mission in action.

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