Annual Report 2016

Each day at Cotting School, we are privileged to share in our students’ many moments of progress and change.  Success is measured in not only the acquisition of new skills and abilities, but also in the growing capacity to overcome obstacles and pursue dreams. To accomplish their goals, our students exert enormous effort, show incredible determination, and display remarkable courage.

With oversight and encouragement from our highly-qualified teachers and therapists, they work diligently to reach their highest level of achievement and independence. Everyone at Cotting is part of this process, but it is the students who teach us what courage looks like each day. Their perseverance and single mindedness, as well as the environment here, make this possible.

This Report attempts to document some of these student efforts. In these pages, we invite you to join us in celebrating some of the moments of change and accomplishment in their lives, whether they are measured in hours, days, or an entire school year.

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