Annual Report 2012

Cotting’s mission is to enable students with special needs to achieve their highest learning potential and level of independence.

Strong communication and active self advocacy skills are key components of a Cotting School education. To help students achieve that independence, we give them as many opportunities as possible to interact with the world beyond 453 Concord Avenue. The ensuing connections and collaborations expand our students’ horizons as well as those of the people they encounter.

This Annual Report focuses on the places where the different facets of our community intersect: parents with teachers; students with their peers in Greater Boston; students with teachers; faculty members with each other. These crossroads directly impact us as sectors of our community collaborate, learning from the others’ research and practices. Each reiterates the high caliber of education we have offered since 1893.

It is our hope that each intersection also creates an appreciation of the strengths of people with disabilities. As you encounter each intersection in this report, we hope you gain a greater sense of the importance of the work our students do each day.

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