Annual Report 2008

This year marks three significant milestones for Cotting School: 115 years as a leader in the field of education of children with disabilities, 50 years of service by our wise leader and friend, Ray Killian, and 20 years in our beautiful Lexington facility.

The timeline represented on our cover and throughout our annual report measures significant events that have shaped both Cotting School and the lives of all children with disabilities. Each sidebar documents changing attitudes in our community or introduces individuals who have had a lasting impact on the School and our students.

As we reflect on several important milestones this year, we also consider how we measure success. Consistently since 1893, Cotting’s mission has been to enable students to achieve their highest learning potential and level of independence.

In this annual report, therefore, we have focused on this year’s senior class as they celebrate an important milestone with us – graduation. Their stories serve as a current barometer of student successes. Well prepared, calm, and confident, these seniors depict determination and persistence in the face of difficult challenges each has faced in his or her personal timeline.

Like these seniors upon graduation, we use this year’s milestones as an opportunity to honor our past while looking toward an exciting future. We invite you to turn these pages and participate in the life of Cotting School, past and present

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