Annual Report 2007

Drawing from Jasper Johns’ 1930 work Numbers in Color, the dynamic mural pictured on the cover and throughout this report was created with tiles shaped by students at Cotting School in 2007. Using clay tools, stamps, and paintbrushes, each child made a personal statement of his or her first initial in color and texture. Each square represents one of the building blocks that comprise the rich mosaic of our community. While each tile represents an individual, together their initials blend together as a permanent installment, a reminder that each one of us is unique and that together we can accomplish amazing things. The wall is a testament to the strength and creativity of our students, and to the skill and vision of art teacher Rosanne Trolan.

Throughout this volume the tiles change, representing the different transitions that occur in our community each year and each day. We invite you to join us for a glimpse into this remarkable place, Cotting School.

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