Annual Report 2005

Founded in 1893, Cotting School is America’s first day school for children with a broad spectrum of learning and communication disabilities, physical challenges, and complex medical conditions.

To meet the diverse needs of a multifaceted population requires programming that focuses on the whole child. Cotting does more than simply create interventions to target a student’s diagnosis or disorder. It designs a continuum of educational, therapeutic, and support services to ensure that the students and their families become part of a “comprehensive classroom” within an extended learning community.

Cotting’s exceptional care for children can be described by two seemingly opposite adjectives: tough and tender. There is tenaciousness in our students and our staff. There is a fi ghting spirit at Cotting, a “we can do it” toughness that helps students overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. At the same time, there is tenderness in our school, a nurturing staff and students who treat each other with exquisite kindness.

Cotting School serves 130 day students from 74 Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire communities and provides residential services to 8 young adults at HOPE House.

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