Edcamp Photos of Speakers and OrganizersCotting’s seventh annual “Making Things Possible” Burr Family Conference took place on November 16, 2019. The Conference was accompanied by Cotting’s first ever Edcamp themed “The Continuum of Inclusion” which framed concurrent breakout sessions throughout the day.

Participants were welcomed with a passionate keynote address by recently retired Robert Crabtree, Esq., discussing his role in helping originate Chapter 766 law in 1972 – the law guaranteeing all children the right to a free appropriate public education and later serving as the model for the first federal special education legislation.

Afternoon EdCamp sessions provided an organic and participant-driven venue for participants to engage on topics of interest to the including:

It was our pleasure to open our doors to so many parents, educators, administrators, and friends! A special thanks to the Burr Family for making this conference free and accessible for all. Also, thanks to the Edcamp Foundation.

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