An active and valid Massachusetts teaching license is required to teach at Cotting School.

Licensure questions should be directed to The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). To learn more about becoming licensed or renewing your license, you may find answers to your questions through the DESE Licensure Help and ELAR or by contacting the DESE Licensure Office.

If you hold a MA teaching license, it must reflect the teaching assignment you wish to obtain. If it does not, you must apply for and meet the requirements of the appropriate license.

If your license has expired, you will need to apply for and meet the requirements of the next available license.

  • Temporary licenses are valid for one year and are non-renewable.
  • Preliminary and Initial licenses are valid for five years of employment.
  • Professional licenses are valid for five consecutive years.

If you hold a license from another state you will need to obtain the appropriate MA license. You may be eligible for a temporary license to learn more please visit the DESE website.

If you do not hold a MA teaching license and are interesting in applying please contact the DESE website.