Transition Boarding at HOPEhouse

For the residents of HOPEhouse – Cotting School’s five-day transition boarding program for students ages 17-22 – it’s business as usual these days. Adjusting to their “bubble” took some time, but no one used the pandemic as an excuse. At HOPEhouse, it’s all about creating and pursuing a vision for the future. Post-secondary education, employment, and adult-living opportunities are the three primary foci from which residents choose to envision their future beyond Cotting. Successful HOPEhouse students are motivated to be independent and interested in working with the staff to design a program that works for them. Plans include work, higher education, and incorporating recreation and leisure into their future planning. The more engaged students are to participate in their own planning, the better we’re able to help them!

Pursuing these goals looks different today because of the pandemic, but achieving them does not. We are rethinking our approach to work in the community, food shopping, and social opportunities. But as Zoe Thibodeau, HOPEhouse Program Director explains, there is now more time for focusing on functional skills. “We’re looking around at our environment and using what it offers. We’re able to spend more time now with chores, cooking meals, laundry, health and wellness, and simply following routines. We’re noticing that the increased time spent in these areas has enabled our residents to focus more on taking initiative, rather than waiting to be told what to do next.”

HOPEhouse is building on this momentum and currently seeking new residents. If transition boarding is a fit for someone you know, please contact Director of Admission Elizabeth Russell at to learn more.

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