Meeting Communication Therapist Jane Perera

Jane Perera’s path to Cotting School was anything but straightforward. Her interests in medicine, music, and teaching ultimately lead her to the field of speech language pathology nearly 20 years ago. At Cotting School, Jane is one of six Communication Therapists who enable students to communicate through a variety of therapeutic interventions and services.

“Communication therapy shares the burden of all other professions at Cotting because communication is a part of everything we do” explains Jane. “As a communication therapist, I use technology to teach students how to socialize and interact in the community, whether that’s in a big classroom setting or specialized one-on-one work.”

2020 presented Cotting with a host of new challenges. In response to the pandemic, the CT department shifted to virtual therapy. “There are some who rely on our visual cues, so we use clear masks with them.  For other students, microphones have helped a lot where voices sound muffled under masks,” says Jane. Now working in-person, Jane is grateful to Cotting for providing a safe and flexible work environment. “I have my own child learning remotely at home, so I really appreciate how Cotting has been so supportive of working parents during this pandemic. Our building is clean, well-ventilated, and I’m provided with plenty of PPE to feel safe while I work.” What’s kept Jane at Cotting for 15 years? “The amazing and inspiring students, the staff, and the sense of camaraderie among my colleagues in the CT Department as well as other departments at Cotting.  I’m always learning from them.”

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