A community building activity has been underway at Cotting School community, and it is a sign of the times. 

Cotting Community Mask Makers

Ms. Tyrer with the first mask she made (left), and the Raimo Family preparing to cut fabric (right). Thank you for sharing your time and your talent with Cotting School!

From the beginning of plans to change school learning environments across the nation in response to the global pandemic, everyone at Cotting knew that the school community connection that’s such a hallmark of “the Cotting way” would be present, whether members of our community were apart or together. Abundant examples appear during school hours (whether in-person or remote) and extend far beyond the school day and into the community. Case in point: 

A Socially Distant, Mask-Making Sew-Along

Twenty members of the Cotting community activated for a socially distant, mask-making sew-along! A mix of Cotting parents, staff, family, and friends began in June of 2020, bonded by a supply of limited edition Cotting Falcon fabric and email or text exchanges about the best patterns available for making masks in a variety of sizes. A mask-making effort was underway and the makers created another way for the Cotting community to transcend.

As mask makers were sewing Cotting’s School Reopening Task Force carefully planned for the reopening of school in phases this year. On October 5, 2020 Cotting will embark on phase 2 of the 2020-2021 school year, offering an increased number of students and staff the opportunity to be on campus in-person for school.

One staff member who has been sewing masks said: “Being back on campus with everyone in PPE it is easy to see school Cotting Community Sew Team Graphicspirit showing up in new ways, and the unique masks are a big part of that!”.  Since community sewers donated over 70 handmade masks back to Cotting, they are now for sale in the online Cotting School Corner Store. Anyone looking to purchase a new fabric mask to support Cotting School can wear blue and gold in a fashionable, new way.

Thank you to the Cotting Community Sew Team Members!  

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