The HOPEhouse Difference

“HOPEhouse is amazing” says LeeAnna Pallett.  “This is exactly what we were looking for for Belle, and it doesn’t exist anywhere else.  She feels like she belongs there.  It just clicks.”

HOPEhouse services are not only unmatched, but critical to the transition that young adults are preparing to make when they turn 22. The Pallett family knew soon after she moved in that HOPEhouse would be the best place for Belle to practice independence and learn transition life-skills.  Because she is away from home Monday through Friday, Belle’s family is noting her progress when she returns home each weekend.  “Belle advocates for herself more and more, and gets excited about meal planning.  Her conversation skills are getting more expressive.  She is confident with her cane when travelling.  HOPEhouse has given her a push that we weren’t able to” LeeAnna adds.

At HOPEhouse, each resident works together and learns skills in a home-like supportive environment.  For Belle, having a roommate, learning to prep meals, and taking “Intro to Tourism” at Mass Bay Community College are just a few of the ways she’s working towards an independent life.  Our staff provide the academic support that makes it possible for Belle and her housemates to take college courses.

Belle serves as the resident comedian, always quick to make a joke with her friends (and sometimes her teachers!)  For the first time in years, LeeAnna is noticing how happy she is at school.  “I can tell by looking at her that she is happy.  When she turns 22, Belle will be so much better prepared for what comes next.”

Tuition doesn’t fully cover the cost of a Cotting or HOPEhouse education. Services like those offered at HOPEhouse are limited, and students like Belle need to learn critical life-skills before they turn 22.  Please join consider a gift to ensure that students like Belle continue to have these amazing opportunities for years to come.


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