Robert Mitropoulos Thorndike Fellowship Winner Focuses on Expanding Diversity Education

A teacher at Cotting School is putting his passion to work this summer as the winner of Cotting School’s Augustus Thorndike Fellowship for the summer of 2019. Mr. Robert Mitropoulos’ Fellowship work focuses on diversity research, training, and curriculum and was selected from a group of outstanding proposals from a number of Cotting School faculty and staff applicants.

“As an educator I strive to present students with accurate lenses to view the world in its current form,” says Robert. “The population of students we serve at Cotting School is quite diverse. We celebrate that diversity and talk with students to educate them about having a disability. My Fellowship work aims to expand that conversation and to strengthen the communication, resources, and supports for both students and staff related to more broad diversity topics such as gender, race, culture, and identity.”

A few of Robert’s Fellowship goals include:

  • Reviewing, revising, identifying, and supplementing current curriculum designed to address diversity, including materials that are part of Cotting’s curriculum
  • Researching professional development opportunities for faculty and staff in the area of diversity education 
  • Identifying a cohort of faculty members to continue conversations and research throughout the school year, rotating through different topics of diversity
  • Continued identification of areas of need and possible solutions for supporting diversity education at Cotting School

Robert’s work will pay dividends for Cotting School students and staff for years to come. The Thorndike Fellowship honors the multi-generational commitment of the Thorndike Family, beginning with the co-founding of the school by Dr. Augustus Thorndike in 1893, and continuing generation after generation to the present.

Congratulations to Robert Mitropoulos on receiving this honor!

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