Summer is a Time for Building Independence

Did you know that students at Cotting enrolled in our Extended Year Program have the to opportunity to choose among several different program options in the summer, each aimed at building independence? They do! Get to know one of our most sought after options by name (or acronym!):

SALSE (Summer Adaptive Living Skills Experience) 

This summer option has been a consistent, popular choice for Cotting students each summer.  The SALSE experience is an opportunity aimed at helping students with social and communication skills, personal care, mobility, home living skills, money management, nutrition and meal management, shopping, vocational, and leisure skills.

Over the course of the summer each week highlights a different theme: Housing, Community Resources, Vocational, Recreation/Leisure, and Transportation.

Both classroom and community-based instruction provide career awareness and countless skill-building opportunities including the option of staying for a weekend overnight at our boarding facility, HOPEhouse!  

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