Seniors: What Will You Miss Most about Cotting School?

8 Students of the 2019 Senior Class cheering as they prepare for graduation.Cotting School’s Class of 2019 Seniors are about to reach a goal they’ve been striving for since they started school…Graduation! For most Cotting students, their educational journey didn’t begin at Cotting School. With specialized educational programming, rolling admissions, and the ability to serve students at many points in time along their path to achieve their highest learning potential and level of independence, Cotting School has been an important part of the educational journey for each of these Seniors.

The 8 students in this year’s Senior Class are part of a remarkable point in Cotting history. They are graduating in the year we celebrate 125 years of Cotting School!

Cotting School traditions run deep and in keeping with longstanding tradition, our Seniors have participated in a Senior Trip to Florida, a prom night to remember, collaborated on yearbook pages, and so much more.  When this group of 8 gathered for “Senior Lunch” in the Board Room with Mr. Manzo, President of Cotting School, we stopped by to capture their thoughts on one question: What Will You Miss Most about Cotting School?

Many spoke about specific projects, places, or people they will miss—working at a job (on or off campus), living and learning at HOPEhouse, or going on community trips, for example. Others gave shout-outs to activities they took part in and special events that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. And not surprisingly, many said that above anything else, what they’ll miss most is the sense of belonging and the friendships they made here at Cotting School.

To each member of this year’s graduating class, we extend our best wishes. Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon!

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