Celebrate Special Education and the 125th Anniversary of Cotting School!

Cotting School 2018 Annual Report CoverAt Cotting School we are celebrating 125 years of excellence in Special Education. That means 125 years of specialized experience in breaking down barriers to education by providing highly individualized special education curriculum as well as coordinated and integrated therapies and medical services to support students in achieving their goals.

Check out the stories in our NEW Annual Report of Cotting Stories or watch this video featuring one area of our curriculum in action.

Read the Lexington Minuteman Newspaper’s coverage of our proud history and 125 year anniversary!

In honor of our 125th Birthday, we invite you to share a celebratory birthday message with us in any format you choose. Send us a snail mail, an email, or an online message. Consider sharing a Cotting School story of your own with us. We’ve included some fun, downloadable visuals, here.

If you use social media we encourage you to create a post of your own using the hashtag #MyCottingStory. Please tag us by using @CottingSchool. We love the social aspect of social media and look forward to collecting Cotting stories.

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