Cotting Adds Social Studies!


“I got my History teaching license before my degree teaching students with disabilities, so this is my dream job. I’m bringing together two of my interests and I’m excited to modify Social Studies for everyone,” Meredith explains. Meredith is using the Massachusetts state framework to build the Social Studies curriculum at all levels, each different than the next. Our Middle School students will begin with World Cultures and Geography, and the Upper School students will explore the American Revolution and westward expansion. For our Capstone students, Meredith has designed a “Rights Movement” unit that will shift focus from Women’s Suffrage to Civil Rights and eventually Disability Rights. Meredith is looking for this course to be interactive and hands-on. One of the apps he’s using is an augmented reality map, which allows students to magnify different parts of the world and experience what it’s like to actually be there. “I want students to have a better understanding of world cultures, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going. We’ll start with our own culture and language and then move out from there. I want them to think critically about what they’re experiencing and expand their understanding of the greater world.” Around his classroom you’ll find a $4 bill, a colonial flag, and props that make history come alive!

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