Collaborating for Disability Awareness with Lexington’s Cary Library

Cotting School students gathered in the corner of the Lexington Public Library Students in Mr. Mitropoulos’ classroom have been working with Lexington’s Cary library on a project to raise Disability Awareness.  Their project, including a community trip, consisted of an undercover visit to the Library where the students made observations and recommendations for making the library more accessible for people with disabilities.  Mr. M’s students navigated through the Children’s Room with a checklist of suggestions on ways to improve handicap accessibility throughout the library.  In particular, they were looking for accessibility in the following areas:

  • physical space
  • food related notices
  • parking
  • bathrooms
  • staff and patron interaction

Once they collected all of their data and observations and shared them withAlissa Lauzon, Head of Youth Services, at the Lexington Cary Library, they turned to their impressive movie making skills and created a video which will be used in a new training for the Library staff.  Mr. M’s class is proud to help others and to make a difference! The students who worked on the video hope this video can be used widely by people everywhere.

The students took their work one step further by creating a message board in the Children’s Room at the Library.  The board includes posters created by the students to help raise disability awareness.  Check out Cotting’s Facebook album to view photos of their undercover library trip and to see their unique message board.

Congratulations to Nico, Liam, Michael, Tanis, Tristan and Ben for their work on this collaboration to help raise Disability Awareness!

In addition to this project, artwork created by Cotting School students has been on display in the Teen Room of Lexington’s Cary Library during the months of October and November. View more photos and video of the artwork display on Cotting’s Instagram feed.

Cotting students photographs hang on the wall of the Lexington Library