Move-in day at HOPEhouse was exciting and smooth as seven young adults arrived with their personal belongings and their individual goals in mind for the school year ahead.

Here are six things you might not know about HOPEhouse:

  1. It’s all about independent living and learning in a supportive community.
  2. Each young adult is able to align their school or work experience with their Individualized Education Plan.
  3. Regular consultation from a Nutritionist and Clinicians in OT, PT, CT (Communication Therapy), and Nursing provide ongoing support for the HOPEhouse community.
  4. The HOPEhouse laundry room is always a busy place! Even though our young adults return to their home communities on the weekends, they are doing their regular chores, including laundry at HOPEhouse, during the week.
  5. If you think our laundry room is an exciting place, try visiting our kitchen and dining room on lasagna night, during instructional lunch…or any meal planning time for that matter!
  6. HOPEhouse has several openings and its own admissions process.

To learn more, visit our HOPEhouse page, or contact: Zoe Thibodeau, HOPEhouse Director at 781-862-7323 or

Front door of HOPEhouse at Cotting School

The front door to HOPEhouse, also known as the Dr. Carl W. Mores Building at Cotting School, open for young adults moving in on Sept. 4, 2018.

Ms. Manson, Special Educator at HOPEhouse, and Sam paused for photo in the kitchen on move-in day.

Megan, Catherine, and Belle sit together on move-in day at HOPEhouse.

Megan and Catherine play pool in the recreation room at HOPEhouse.

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