Curriculum Institute Tackles Differentiated Math Instruction

Summer Curriculum Institute

Faculty members participating in the Summer Curriculum Institute for the summer of 2018 are (pictured above from left to right): Sejal Costa, Andy Lindblad, and John Meredith.

This summer three Cotting teachers: Andy Lindblad, Sejal Costa, and John Meredith, are focused on the research and development of Math curriculum and instruction methods. Their summer work is funded by The Peabody Foundation will result in new differentiated Math lessons, and important focus on how Math lessons at Cotting School work in cross-curricular fashion to meet the learning needs of our students.

Cotting’s Summer Curriculum Institute, first launched in 2010, gives Cotting faculty members the opportunity to spend five weeks in the summer working solely on curriculum development. In school settings more typical than Cotting, school districts format a comprehensive curriculum that corresponds to the state framework and meets the needs of a majority of students in the district who are performing at or near grade-level. At Cotting School, our student population is so diverse in age and ability that we cannot rely on standard available curricula to meet all our students’ diverse learning styles. We have found that we need to develop, adapt, or create our own.

This team will work together to explore long term projects, assess current students’ learning needs, research strategies for instruction, and develop curriculum materials specifically for all Cotting School teachers to utilize in their teaching.

Below are just a few of the goals that have been identified as part of Summer Curriculum Institute for 2018:

  • Analyze feedback regarding Math instruction scheduling and the Math U See Curriculum
  • Create aligned IEP goals and objectives and build a tracking system for student Math progress
  • Assess grade level and MCAS-Alt alignment and adapt the Math U See placement test
  • Generate additional accessible Math materials
  • Research additional Math programs

The Summer Curriculum Institute gives teachers the time and focus needed to explore curriculum solutions that would be impossible to research and implement during the school year, or while teaching a summer school class.

Cotting School is thankful for the generous funding we receive from The Peabody Foundation, making this program available to our faculty members.



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