Traditions are woven throughout the academic year at Cotting School to celebrate our students, acknowledge great accomplishments, and honor people who are a part of the Cotting Community. Ask anyone in our buildings and you are sure to hear a few stories about Cotting traditions. But what if you’ve never been here? To provide an insider’s look at Cotting School we’re opening up about a few of our annual traditions (and there are MANY more). Welcome to Cotting School!

Celebrating our Senior Class

Most students at Cotting become Seniors in their last full year at Cotting School before they turn 22. As Seniors these young adults experience many traditions…Graduation, Prom and a Senior Trip. Another tradition invites every member of the Senior Class to join Cotting’s President and members of our Senior Administrative Team for a special luncheon. By the time Seniors have experienced all of these traditions, they are ready for their next step. Take a look at what a few Cotting School Seniors have planned for their time after Cotting!


Appreciating One Another
One tradition each spring, designed by parents of students at Cotting School, is an appreciation luncheon that is over the top! This tradition usually includes warm, sincere and individually written notes to each staff member, incredible food, drinks, desserts, and parent speeches. Here are some excerpts from a couple of parent representatives. You can click to read everything they had to say!Mary Raymond, Davis’s Mom: This staff is unrivaled in its educational accomplishments, dedication and training.

Glenn Paster, Sam’s Dad: I feel that the educators at Cotting School have broken the mold for Sam.

Showing Off Creativity
The most creative night at Cotting School! Each year we set aside a night to celebrate the creativity of our students and teachers at our annual Spring Arts Festival. We invite families and friends to Cotting School to share in the experience with us. A plethora of bright and colorful fine art work created by our students is on display and each year features the unveiling of a performing arts production that students have been working on throughout the school year.
View a gallery of photos from our Spring Arts Festival to feel like you were there!

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