Meet Three Outstanding Cotting Students!

                                                      Alexis, age 12


“She’s a hard worker, but she’s sassy!” Middle School teacher Katie Norregaard remembers Alexis beingquiet and reserved in her first few months in class. One day, Ms. Norregaard explains, that all changed.

 “I asked Alexis where she’d been, and she responded, ‘I don’t want to tell you where I went!’” Despite her sass, Alexis is a hard worker. Using her device, she tells us she enjoys listening to music and reading, and really likes using the parachute in gym. Her favorite thing at Cotting? “Cheerleading, especially the ‘Go Falcons’ cheer!”




                                                                 Patrick, age 17

“Observational skills are critical in the science classroom, and Patrick has worked hard at that this year.” Science teacher Andy Lindblad explains how his classes are focused on change. He often asks students to take note of how something changes over time as the result of scientific processes. Patrick has learned how important this skill is not only for science class, but for problem solving outside of Cotting. Patrick has enjoyed coding video games and working with robots
in our new science classroom. For Patrick, the observation and reflection skills are what makes his experience in science so transferrable.





Pete, age 18



“Pete always wants to improve his strength, no matter what.” Pete is a student who is committed to progress. “Working with Ms. DeLuca on stretching andstrength has made a big difference. It’s getting easier to use my right arm!” “Pete is a hard-worker even when I ask him to do something difficult” says DeLuca. “We adapt and improve each week because Pete is committed to progress.”

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