ReelAbilities star AJ Murray on Speechless!

March 23, 2018

As we gear up for “Swim Team” at Cotting School this Wednesday, let’s take a look at what some of our previous ReelAbilities film stars have been up to!

Two years ago we invited “Becoming Bulletproof” star AJ Murray to our campus for our screening.  Just this week, AJ appeared on the finale of season two of Speechless on ABC:


  • ajaniajmurray “Growing up being a tv geek and a dreamer I’ve always yearned to see someone like me on television. Not just brown skin but wheelchair, spastic, and embracing themselves as they are. Not wanting to be someone else, but proud and accepting of themselves. Not making excuses or trying to be something their not. Not focusing on being what society deemed as ‘the norm’ just representing their version of normal. This show @speechlessabc has meant the world to me every since I found out about its conception. I voiced my request to the Universe and I must have burned the ears of all of my friends and family on almost the daily basis talking about how much I wanted to be apart of the groundbreaking show on @abcnetwork well tonight I watched myself on the season finale and I loved it! I embraced every part of me and I am proud of the cast & crew and viewing audience for allowing, supporting, and redefining what normal truly is! May Season 3 continue opening doors and changing the fabric of our world as we realize we’re more alike than we are different.”♥♿✌🏿


Join us in congratulating AJ on making his way onto network television!


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