Alum Nick talks MCAS Competency Portfolio!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Cotting alum, and one time class president, Nick T. recently during his visit to campus!

Nick is now a student at Cape Cod Community College, taking four classes and working hard on his degree.  Before college, Nick earned his diploma at Cotting by completing a Competency Determination Portfolio, which is no small task.  This required him to demonstrate competency at a 10th grade level in Math, Science, and English Language Arts.  He spent extra time each week to work on it, and even had to sacrifice participation in after-school activities in order to complete it.

Nick was able to share a few thoughts with us now that he’s had some time to reflect on his experience.  “I wanted to get a diploma from Cotting so that I could also get a diploma from Plymouth [his home district],” Nick explained.  Some Cotting students, in addition to a Cotting diploma, are able to earn a diploma from their district as well.

As for any challenges he faced throughout the process?  “Some of the math problems were hard using a device!”  Nice uses eye gaze to communicate, and with the assistance of his teachers, was able to complete his Competency Determination Portfolio!

It is great to see our alumni thriving after Cotting, and Nick is no exception!

Nick pictured with his completed Competency Determination Portfolio!


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